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  • New Client 20040607-02 released
    • Recycle more frame object types (smoother memory usage)
    • Don't go to close-wait state when tearing down streams in preparation for connection-close when uplink is congested or blocked
    • Fixed bug in queueing of CLOSE requests that could lead to CLOSE requests not being received by the other end
    • Fixed bug in HTML CoDec that breaks SOCKS BIND
    • Reduced memory usage of message log
    • Implemented round trip time measurement code (but not active yet -- will be used to measure RTT of different servers prior to making server selection decisions)
    • Modified connection code to allow for parallel test connections
    • Clean-ups in connection code
    • Fixed bug in stream registry code that could be triggered if the server opened many streams to the client -- in fact this seems to have happened a few times though the bug was discovered on the loo
    • Try not to overrun server's limitation of the number of new streams per second. This won't do any good anyway because the server will delay the connections if the client is getting too resource greedy, but avoiding it in the first place saves bandwidth and resources on both ends

    We urge all users to upgrade their client installation as soon as possible to benefit from the bug fixes and improvements.

    For those not using installer versions, the latest version is 20040608-01 (but the bugfix is way too unimportant to start the manual packaging process again).

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