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YF back on Google Play

We have been able to resolve the issues with Google and YF is again available on Google Play. You ca...


Bitcoin payments available again

We have been able to fix the Bitcoin payment issue, and you should now be able again to pay with Bit...


New login on web page

We have changed the way you log in to the web site -- just in case you are wondering. The old way wa...

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  • Refund policy updated
  • We've listened to our customers; our packages now come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied you get your money back, and no questions asked!

    Practically we've done this before already in those rare cases where our customers have asked for it, but now it's official: you can buy Your Freedom packages free of risk! If you don't like what you bought, you get your money back -- guaranteed! Check out our updated refund policy.

    And if you've made the wrong choice and bought the wrong package -- no problem at all. Just trade it in for another package and you'll only pay the difference between the remaining value and the purchase price of the new package. (And we're not fussy about a few cents either -- if the diference is less than 50 cents you don't pay anything.)


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