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Bitcoin payments available again

We have been able to fix the Bitcoin payment issue, and you should now be able again to pay with Bit...


New login on web page

We have changed the way you log in to the web site -- just in case you are wondering. The old way wa...


Database crash

All up and running again.


DNS mode performance

Seriously improved in new app version

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  • New ems08 online!
  • Our new ems08 is now online. The server is based in France and of the same model as ems03, ems04, ems05, ems12 and ems14. The main difference is that ems08 does not permit any P2P traffic. Yes, that's right, we've listened and set up a European server that is well connected but does not permit P2P.

    Why? Because this is the only way to try and find out if it does make a difference for gamers. We think it doesn't but please help us in finding out whether we are right or not.

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