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  • Hello R. Tayyip Erdoğan!

    Now isn't this lovely? Another one who thinks that adult citizens aren't able to know for themselves what is good for them and what not. Yes, reading the truth (or even a lie) about oneself can be hard at times, but it won't go away by blocking popular services like Twitter, facebook and YouTube. Deleting a link is useless on the Internet, nothing is ever lost, nothing disappears just because you don't like it published. Stop being childish and deal with it.

    And here's a special message to all those in Turkey who don't particularly care what Tayyip likes or dislikes:

    Your Freedom ile Türkiye gibi yaygın bir şekilde sansür uygulayan ülkelerde Twitter, facebook ve YouTube gibi engellenmiş hizmetleri kullanmanız mümkündür.

    Enjoy Your Freedom!

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