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Why has my account been disabled? Why has my client installation been banned?

Please try to log in to our web page, and if it fails try to recover your password. If our server knows why it will tell you. Not being able to recover your password indicates that your account is disabled.

If you receive a message that the "client has been banned" it means that your Your Freedom client software installation is not permitted to connect -- there is nothing wrong with your account. Unless you are using a very ancient version of the Your Freedom client software it means that our system has been abused by your installation with some other account.

The most common reason is because you (or someone using your account/client installation) have somehow violated our Acceptable Use Policy.


But I haven't done anything wrong!

Are you sure?

Typical reasons for our systems (and sometimes our operators) to disable accounts are:

  • SPAM (mass emailing) has been found to originate from you
  • We have received complaints that you commit fraud
  • Hacking attempts
  • All kinds of vandalism (including misbehaving in IRC)

The most sinister way of abusing our service for spamming is by delivering email through webmail services like Yahoo or Hotmail, or Gmail. If we catch you doing this your chances of having your account re-enabled are very small.


I haven't done any of this!

We hear that a dozen times per day, and most of the time it's simply a lie. OK, maybe you are the one exception who hasn't done it willingly. But it doesn't make the slightest difference to us. Let me tell you, we don't take this personally (and you shouldn't either). It's quite possible that your PC is doing things you don't want it to do, for example because it is part of a bot net. This seems to be pretty common -- most people don't care at all about keeping their PCs secure and clean.

Assuming you are running a variety of Windows, please visit this page in in Internet Explorer (it won't work with any other browser): It will help you clean up your PC. Once you are positive that your PC will do only your bidding and not someone else's, contact us and we will re-enable your account.

You should install proper protection software on your PC. Download links can be found on our Download page.

Also, make sure you disable "relay for others" on the ports panel of the YF client unless you really need it and you know what you are doing. If you enable this option others can use your YF connection to connect to the Internet. You must ensure that your PC is unreachable from the Internet if you enable "relay for others".


Can't you just re-enable my account?

Sure we could. But if you haven't made sure that no more SPAM will be sent from your PC it will quickly become disabled again. Please run the above tool first, and while you are at it, think about installing a security suite as well. There are free antivirus solutions out there.

If your account has been disabled for at most three times by our protection scripts you may re-enable it yourself. Just try to recover your password.

The ONLY other way of having your account re-enabled is by writing to Writing to any other email address will make us ignore your request, even if you later write to the same address. Posting your request to one of the forums is the most effective way of having your account closed forever.

Please be considerate. The #1 reason why people usually no longer receive a prompt reply on the support email address is that we are very busy with mopping up after the spammers, calming down the providers, and answering all the useless complaints by spammers who got caught.

While not all SPAM originates from Nigeria, over 95% does. I am sure PCs of Nigerian users are no more likely infected than those of people elsewhere in the world, and the only other explanation is that MOST OF THE PEOPLE FROM NIGERIA WHOSE ACCOUNTS GET DISABLED ARE DELIBERATE SPAMMERS. Our protection scripts are not origin biased and do not take into account whether you connect from Nigeria or not.


Hah, I'll simply create a new account!

No good. It won't work either. And if we see this when we deal with a "please unban be" request the request will certainly be ignored, permanently.

Please fix the root cause by making sure no-one, especially not yourself, is sending SPAM from your PC, this is the only way to go. Make sure no SPAM and no other abuse is coming from your PC. Then tell us in polite wording about it, and we'll sort you out. It's really simple. Any abusive language and your chance is gone.


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