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Acceptable Use Policy

Please be sure to review our Acceptable Use Policy before you download and install the Your Freedom client, or buy packages or vouchers.

Refund guarantee

All our offerings come with our extensive refund guarantee.


Voucher carnets

Did you know we now also sell voucher carnets? It's an alternative to buying a package. Vouchers will upgrade your account when you need it and are especially well suited for those who only use YF during the week or at least not during the whole month. Check it out.


Currency calculator

Voudriez-vous savoir combien coûte nos packs dans votre monnaie? Sélectionnez simplement le type de pack et la durée désirée. Choisissez en suite votre devise et le prix s'affichera.


Cash in old packages

You may cash in your existing, not yet expired packages for new packages. This way you can upgrade to a higher package, downgrade to a lower but longer running package, or simply extend a package (though you could simply buy a package of the same time, it automatically gets appended).

Simply choose your new package using the form above and tick the packages you would like to cash in -- this reduces your package price.


No subscription scheme!

Please note that Your Freedom does not employ any kind of subscription scheme. We only sell packages, not subscriptions. There is no automatic extension and no need to cancel subscriptions that do not even exist. You buy a package, your account gets upgraded for a certain period, and that's it. No hidden pitfalls.



Vos packs

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Packs disponibles

  Free Mobile MobilePlus Basic Enhanced Total
Bande passante jusqu'à
64 kbit/s
1 Mbit/s
256 kbit/s
4 Mbit/s
Quantité de données illimité illimité illimité illimité illimité illimité
Temps de connexion 2 heures* illimité illimité illimité illimité illimité
Flux simultanés 15** n/a n/a 50** 100** 200**
Desktop (PC) yes no no yes yes yes
Mobile (Android) yes yes yes yes yes yes
Proxy Web yes no no yes yes yes
Proxy SOCKS yes no no yes yes yes
Mode VPN yes yes yes yes yes yes
PPTP connection yes no no yes yes yes
SOCKS5 connection yes no no yes yes yes
Connexion cryptée yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion HTTP yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion HTTPS yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion CGI yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion FTP yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion UDP yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion DNS yes yes yes yes yes yes
Connexion ECHO yes yes yes yes yes yes
possibilité de relais yes no no yes yes yes
Ports serveur no no no no no yes (5)
pack 1 mois GRATUIT € 1.00
(USD 1.18)
€ 2.00
(USD 2.36)
€ 4.00
(USD 4.72)
€ 10.00
(USD 11.80)
€ 19.99
(USD 23.58)
pack 3 mois GRATUIT € 2.00
(USD 2.36)
€ 4.00
(USD 4.72)
€ 10.00
(USD 11.80)
€ 28.00
(USD 33.03)
€ 57.99
(USD 68.41)
pack 6 mois GRATUIT € 3.50
(USD 4.13)
€ 7.00
(USD 8.26)
€ 17.00
(USD 20.05)
€ 50.00
(USD 58.98)
€ 109.99
(USD 129.74)
pack 12 mois GRATUIT € 6.00
(USD 7.08)
€ 12.00
(USD 14.16)
€ 30.00
(USD 35.39)
€ 95.00
(USD 112.06)
€ 199.99
(USD 235.91)

* Durée 1 heure, jusqu'à 2 heures par 24 heures, et jusqu'à 5 heures dans l'intervalle d'une semaine

** TCP connections and UDP associations in the desktop app; this is not the number of concurrent device connections


Acheter un pack

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Moyens de paiement


N'effectuez de paiements que par notre formulaire. Vous devez vous connecter pour voir ce formulaire.

Nous acceptons les moyens de paiement suivants:

  • PayPal

    PayPal est probablement le service de paiement en ligne le plus populaire au monde, disponible dans 190 pays. Nous vous recommandons également PayPal pour vos paiements.


    Ce type de paiement est commun dans les pays arabes. Vous achetez une carte et créditez votre compte CASHU avec celle-ci, puis vous pouvez payer avec votre compte CASHU.

  • NeoSurf

    Neosurf est une carte prépayée en vente chez votre buraliste qui vous permet d'acheter sur Internet de manière simple, sécurisée et anonyme. En vente dans ces pays: France, Espagne, Andorre, Belgique, Italie, Suisse, Algérie, Bénin, Cameroun, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Maroc, Sénégal.

    Pour des raisons techniques nous ne pouvons pas rembourser les paiements Neosurf.

  • Payza

    Payza is available to people in over 190 countries all over the world. Set up an account with them, add funding sources (credit cards, bank accounts) or fund your account manually, then use it to pay. Give Payza a try if others won't let you use your credit card. However, please note that while we can refund payments made from your Payza account's credit within 14 days without any fees payable by you, we cannot refund credit card funded payments, so we'll have to send a payment to you instead that incurs fees. Payza's processes are somewhat mentally challenged...

  • Perfect Money

    Perfect Money is an anonymous means of payment. You buy electronic currency from exchange partners and you can use pre-pay cards. Your account balance can then be used to make online payments. We accept both EUR and USD. Perfect Money is available nearly everywhere in the world, and it is often the most cost-efficient solution available.

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not rely on banks. Instead, it is based on cryptography and peer-to-peer transaction notification. Bitcoin payments very much resemble cash payments and provide a certain degree of anonymity.

    Please ensure that you set up a wallet first and that you have bitcoins in it. You can purchase bitcoins from exchangers.

    Please be patient when you have made your payment, it may take up to one hour until your payment is confirmed by our payment provider. If you have not received your purchase after several hours please contact support and provide the invoice number you have made the payment for.

Actuellement nous sommes dans l'incapacité d'accepter les cartes de crédits directement. Les fraudes récurrentes nous ont obligé à arrêter ce type de paiement. Cependant les modes de paiement ci-dessus permettent d'utiliser votre carte de crédit.

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