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Why become a reseller? And how?

Our usual distribution method is through direct sales. However, in some places in the world, payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, Google Wallet etc. are not generally available or are not commonplace. This is where resellers are convenient helpers for both our customers and for us.

Obviously, nobody wants to work for free. Resellers want their margin, and there are two ways to obtain this margin. Some just help others upgrade their accounts by doing the payment for them, for a fee or a premium. Others purchase upgrades from us at a discounted price and sell them at either "list price" or any other "market price". Both methods of obtaining a margin are fine with us.

If you are interested in the second method, i.e. purchasing upgrades in large quantities and reselling them individually, please write to and ask to be marked as a reseller. Please provide your Your Freedom username, and support will enable these purchases for you. Once this is done, log in to your account on our website, go to Account, then Buy voucher carnets. There will now be additional denominations like "100 @ 31 days" at the discounted price (the discount depends on the quantity). If you purchase them you will receive an email with a list of voucher codes that you can hand out to your customers. Your customers send them either through the Your Freedom client app or use them on the web page. Each code can only be used once but for any account, not just your own.

Please note that our refund guarantee is only applicable to our own customers, not yours. We cannot refund purchases to your customers that they have made from you. If, for whatever reason, there is a problem with a code and you need a fresh one, just write to support, tell them your username, the voucher code, and why you need a fresh one.

We are open for suggestions of different denominations; for example, if there is a market for 3 months upgrades we'll consider adding them.

If it turns out that you are unable to sell the vouchers for whatever reason, we'll find a way to settle the problem.

I live in a country where Paypal doesn't work, can I use Western Union?

While we do not generally offer Western Union payments (because they are a hell of a lot of work to process), we can accept such payments from resellers. Please contact us via . If you want to make a Western Union payment, let us know: your account name, what you would like to receive, and the transaction id. If Western Union lets you send the money to our bank account (highly preferred over cash!), please fill in these bank details:

Sparkasse Südwestpfalz

Account number: DE97 5425 0010 0098 0210 66     (spaces only added for readability)

BIC (if you need it): MALADE51SWP



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