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MU Online

First of all you need SocksCap to redirect the program to run through Your Freedom. Permeo is no longer distributing it but you should be able to find a download link if you

google for "sc32r240.exe download". If you can't find a working download, email us at and we'll help you.

Now install the program and configure it like in the picture below:

Download the game from here including the launcher and the client:


Now unpack the client and open SocksCap and add MU launcher in here like this:


Click on the "New" button on the Sockscap main window, then click on the browse button in the window that comes up.


Go to the folder where you unpacked the game and add start.exe.


Sockscap's main window should look like this:


Now click Run and the Launcher pops up.


The Launcher is in Romanian so here is the meaning of those 3 buttons:


Start -> Start Game

Optiuni -> Game Options

Actualizeaza -> Update game client


Sometimes you need to download updates so click Update.


Good luck!


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