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*  I have paid through Google Wallet but I'm still a FreeFreedom user

Most likely the payment has not completed. Please log in to your Google Wallet account and check. If Google Wallet shows a completed payment then please report the payment ID to us and we'll sort out the problem. If the payment has not completed for whatever reason, Google will not charge you for the payment or will refund the payment to you.

It is also possible that you haven't connected through the Android app to our service (or the connection hasn't worked well) since you have made the payment. In-app payments are only completed while you are connected to our service or when you connect the next time using the app.

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*  PayPal does not complete the payment and wants me to contact the merchant?

You need to contact PayPal about this issue. We are not refusing your payment, no matter what the message says; PayPal is refusing it. We believe that is is related to problems in funding your transaction, PayPal has not told us explicitly though. They have told us, however, to refer our customers to their support when this happens.

In other words, your best option is to sort it out with PayPal or to use another payment provider. We'd rather say something else but we don't see what we could do about it.


author: Chris    [top]
*  Paying through Liberty reserve gives me an SCI error

You are seeing this message:

Error(s) Detected

Shopping Cart Interface of this merchant is not configured properly.
Please report this error to the merchant along with exact steps that
led to this error.

This seems to happen from time to time. There is no problem with our SCI if you were able to use the form on our website, it is a temporary problem on the Liberty Reserve end of things. Just try again a few minutes later.


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*  I only need 1 Mbit/s, why is there no package between Basic and Enhanced?

I think this is pretty much a perception problem.

When we started YF we wanted everyone to have TotalFreedom. But some just did not have any need for server ports (which suits us well because it is a limited resource) so we set up a package type that did not have them (EnhancedFreedom). Some only wanted to chat and access some blocked web pages, and admittedly they would not need many server resources for it (streams, bandwidth), so we created BasicFreedom (which originally only had 10 simultaneous streams). We now consider EnhancedFreedom the general purpose package type.

When we set the bandwith limits of the packages we did not mean them to be maxed out all the time. EnhancedFreedom users who fire at 4 Mbit/s bidirectionally all the time are much more expensive than 10 € per month! In fact we have considered more than once to lower the bandwidth to 2 Mbit/s. Of course we stand by what we offer, so you may hit the limits all the time without feeling guilty. If everyone did it, however, we could not keep the offer.

In the case of BasicFreedom much of the cost is not bandwidth related. There are fixed costs per transaction, we need to consider that there is a certain chargeback likelihood (and chargebacks are very expensive), we need to provide a certain average amount of support, and so on. If we look at EnhancedFreedom the calculation is that most users really consume less than 1 Mbit/s on average. Heavy gamers are the ones that perfectly fit the pattern, so are users of YouTube and IP-TV.

We have also been asked to set up a package that has 64 or 128 kbit/s. But we can't really offer it for less than the price of BasicFreedom, so what's the point? We have also been asked to have more bandwidth on BasicFreedom, maybe 384 kbit/s or 512 kbit/s. That would make the package more expensive though, and I am sure not everyone would appreciate it.

No matter how you look at it, we will not be able to perfectly please everybody. But if you consider EnhancedFreedom the general purpose package type and the others as variations thereof, it all makes sense.

author: Chris    [top]
*  May I have an invoice?

Sure! We include a link in the payment confirmation we send via email. Make sure your user account information is up to date, then click on the link (modify the data until you like the result). If you require an invoice for an older payment or you don't have the link, just email, tell us the transaction ID (or at least your username!) and we'll send you the link or a PDF.

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*  Does my package or voucher become invalid if my IP address changes?

No. The Your Freedom servers do not care about your IP address. In fact your IP may even change in the middle of a session and all you will notice is a short hang. Your package/voucher is only bound to your account and will only become invalid once the time is up -- no matter what you do in the meantime, as long as you use the same account to which it is bound.

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*  I just upgraded my account but the YF client still shows "Free Freedom"?

It can take up to one hour, for the Website database and the databases
of all the YF Servers to synchronize. In other words it may take up to
one hour for the Upgrade to become effective.
You will also need to reconnect the Your Freedom client, so that it
can load the new profile.

author: cc    [top]
*  I don't have a Credit-Card and can't use Paypal

Try one of the alternative payment methods, all available on the Prices page. Stratocash offers many different ways to pay, and you might find that e-gold is an alternative as well (though it's admittedly somewhat inconvenient and will probably cost around 3-5% feeds to complete the payment).
We can also accept bank transfers -- please ask our support team at how to do this until we have integrated it in the payment form.

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*  I want to pay via Paypal, how do I do that?

Please use the payment form on the "Prices" tab and select "PayPal" as your payment method.

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