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Eve Online

This page describes how you can use EVE Online through a restrictive firewall or proxy using Your Freedom. An alternative method is shown below.

Special thanks to themysteriousx for submitting this tutorial:

To get Eve online working through your freedom, you need one of the widely available “socksifying” tools, such as freecap, proxycap, or sockscap.

I prefer proxycap, and so I will use this in this guide.  If you use one of the others, this guide will not be of much use, but it may give you a hint as to what settings you may need (perhaps if you have success with one of the other *cap programs, you could write a guide for it)

Before starting, ensure that you have the latest Eve client installed, Your Freedom installed and working, and your *cap program of choice installed.

Open up the Proxycap preferences, (right click the tray icon  and select preferences).  If you have not yet done so, create a proxy server entry, with the following values:

If you have changed the port values in Your Freedom, substitute the ones shown for the modified values.

Click OK to save the proxy server, then on the menu to the left in proxycap, select “rules”.

Create a new rule, with the following settings, and save it.  The location on eve.exe may vary, depending on your default drive letter, and where you installed eve:

After this, click ok in proxycap, make sure your freedom is running and connected, and try logging into Eve.  Eve should now successfully connect.

If you have any further problems, put a message in the Your Freedom forums, and someone will try to help.

Alternative method

Set up a "local port forward" in the YF client. Open the "Ports" panel, click "add", then configure local port 26000, remote host, remote port 26000.

Now find the link through which you start EVE Online -- it could be on the desktop or in the start menu. It's the icon or menu line that you use to run EVE Online. Right-click on it, choose "Properties". Modify the "target" line, append "/server:" after eve.exe (put a space in-between).

This should get you connected -- no socksifier needed. Remember to always start EVE Online through the modified link!


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