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Teamspeak 2

As Teamspeak v.2 doesn't have built-in proxy support, you need to use a third party tool to "socksify" Teamspeak.

The following tutorial requires FreeCap. However, you might also be able to socksify Teamspeak via SocksCap or ProxyCap.

(1) Get a copy of FreeCap on .

(2) Install FreeCap. (Just follow the instructions of the setup wizard).

(3) Get a copy of the Teamspeak 2 client from

(4) Install Teamspeak 2.

(5) Open FreeCap and choose the entry New Application from its File menu.

(6) Create a new profile "Teamspeak". Click on the Browse button to locate the main executable for Teamspeak. See the image below for an example. Save the new profile by clicking on the OK button.

(7) Now, click on the entry Settings in FreeCap's File menu.

(8) Go to the Proxy Settings section: Enter as your Default Proxy's server name and port 1080 as the belonging port. Click on Apply to save the settings.

(9) Navigate to the Program section and tick the "Use some tricks to traverse UDP through NAT" checkbox. Then click on Apply again.

(10) Leave the settings dialogue by pressing the OK button.

(11) Doubleclick on the Teamspeak icon in FreeCap's main window to start the program via FreeCap.

(12) Download a server list for Teamspeak and connect to the Teamspeak server.

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