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*  What are voucher codes?

Voucher codes are sequences of characters that you can fill into a form on this web page to create packages. You could have received a voucher code from us as part of a promotion or as a compensation for service problems, or as an expression of our gratitude for something you helped us with. You can also buy vouchers from us in several denominations as voucher carnets. Our vouchers are valid for one year from the day of purchase.

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*  What is a voucher carnet?

Our voucher carnets can be used to temporarily upgrade your Your Freedom account with a package without having to pay for a full month and not use parts of it. A voucher carnet consists of a number of codes that are transferrable (i.e. not linked to an account) and can be cashed in separately at any time. They are valid for one year, beginning with the purchase date. There are different denominations – vouchers for all package types we offer, with different runtime.

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*  How do I use the voucher codes?

Start the Your Freedom client, fire up the connection, then go to the "Vouchers" tab. Add codes or carnet labels there (you'll find the carnet label in the email we send you when purchasing a carnet, or check out "Account" on the website; on Android, carnets purchased in the in-app shop get added automatically). To use codes, highlight them and click the "Send" button. Vouchers become active within seconds.

Alternatively, you may log in to our web site, click on “Packages” and choose “Cash in voucher” from the menu on the left. Enter one of your voucher codes and click on “Check” to see the details. If the voucher code is valid, you may then press on the “Use” button to create a package from the voucher code. Easy as that! Your YF account will be upgraded immediately (but it may take a minute until all servers have learned about it).


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*  Can I use both normal packages and voucher codes at the same time?

Yes. For example, you could buy a BasicFreedom year package and only upgrade to EnhancedFreedom when you need the bandwidth. If you use a voucher code while another package is running, the voucher created package will be put on hold (i.e. it won’t start running until the other one is expired), and you can then go to the Packages page and re-order the packages. This will put your BasicFreedom year package on hold while the voucher created package is running.

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*  What happens if I enter a voucher code while another one is still active?

They add up. If you enter two 1-day voucher codes the result is 2 days. The newly entered voucher code only starts running when all others have expired.

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*  Why don’t you sell the voucher codes individually?

Because each monetary transaction costs money. If we sell something cheap, most of the proceeds are lost as fees. If we sold them individually we would probably be better off giving them away.

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*  Do you mind if I resell the codes from my carnet or share them with others?

Not at all! It’s your business what you do with them.

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*  What happens if I don’t use a code within its validity period?

You won’t be able to use it anymore. But we won’t be too picky about it – if you miss the deadline, just send us an email containing either the transaction number or the label, and we’ll help you out.

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*  Does my package or voucher become invalid if my IP address changes?

No. The Your Freedom servers do not care about your IP address. In fact your IP may even change in the middle of a session and all you will notice is a short hang. Your package/voucher is only bound to your account and will only become invalid once the time is up -- no matter what you do in the meantime, as long as you use the same account to which it is bound.

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*  If I send a voucher, when does it become active and when does it expire?

The voucher becomes active within seconds after you send it, and it lasts for exactly its duration (12 hours, 24 hours, 5 days, whatever) on the clock/calendar, plus an additional 10 minutes for good measure. It does not matter whether you are actually connected or not during this period. The voucher simply generates a short-lived package which behaves just like our monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or yearly packages. You may even re-order the voucher created packages just like others.

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