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Where do I get SocksCap?

The company who provided SocksCap, Permeo has been acquired by Blue Coat and SocksCap seems to be no longer available from their web page. But there are many copies still around on the Internet, just google for them. Look out for version 2.40, that's the latest one published by Permeo.

SocksCap won't work with 64bit applications. Consider using WideCap instead.


Installation and usage

Installation is straightforward, just install it, then start it. Now click on File, Settings. Configure this:


When done, create startup links for all programs you would like to run through Your Freedom. Click on "New", type in the name of the application as profile name, then for "command line" supply the full path to the corresponding exe file (just click on the button and browse for it). The "working directory" will automatically be set to the directory the executable is in; in virtually all cases this should be fine.

When you have created the profile, your application will appear in SocksCap's list of applications. Start the application by clicking on it in the list, then click on "Run!".


Remember to always start your application through the SocksCap window, not the start menu or a link on the desktop, if you want to run it through Your Freedom!


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