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Client version 20201130-01 faulty

Please update to 20201201-01


PayPal payment problems solved

And it was and is PayPal's fault


Trouble paying through Google?

You need to update the client app!


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Your Freedom is now run by a new company.

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  • New client 20071001-01 released
  • This new client release fixes several serious problems, we recommend that you upgrade at your earliest convenience.


    In OpenVPN mode, route calculation just wasn't working properly. As a consequence, some applications/games just wouldn't be able to reach their servers. This is now fixed.


    We have improved the send queue traffic shaper code. If you've seen the bandwidth usage indicators shoot up and down irratically and you've seen the RTT or lag readings in the message window and in games jump up from time to time, this is for you! And if you are using UDP to connect to our servers this improvement should finally make the connection about as smooth as the other connection modes.


    In short, you want to upgrade right now!


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