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  • Protocol restrictions on some servers
  • VON: CB

    Dear users,

    unfortunately, some of you use a perfectly legal technology to do perfectly illegal things. We appreciate that this may be the main reason why you are using a service like Your Freedom, but it is still causing trouble in some places, namely the US, where the service providers are under a lot of pressure to combat copyright infringements. Stupidly this is not technically possible (and not a technical problem in the first place!), but their standard way of ensuring conformity with legal requirements is to shut down routing to IP addresses that have been reportedly used to register content or interest with tracker servers that infringes on other people's rights, and this is part of their general business terms.

    In essence, this means that we are facing two options: not have any servers at all in the US, or ensure that there is no easily detectable illegal activity through them (just for clearness: our Acceptable Use Policy regarding illegal activities makes it perfectly clear that we do not tolerate it, but we are not the police and not responsible for uncovering them). For the benefit of those of you who need topologically close servers for applications like gaming, we have decided to restrict the servers in question (ems01, ems02, ems09, ems10) -- P2P applications will no longer work with them. We appreciate that there are many legal uses for P2P technology (for example, many online games use this technology to distribute updates) but there is no automated way of telling the difference.

    We are currently working on a mechanism that ensures that automatic server selection does not shift you from a server of one group to a server of another; in the meantime, to avoid problems arising from being pushed off to a server that you cannot use for your application, please select a suitable server manually and disable automatic server selection. You will soon be able to choose the server group in the client configuration.


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