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PayPal payment problems solved

And it was and is PayPal's fault


Trouble paying through Google?

You need to update the client app!


Applied Wizardry GmbH

Your Freedom is now run by a new company.


Login and payment problems

Now solved.

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  • Changes to payment methods
  • At present we can offer PayPal as a payment scheme. We know that it is not available everywhere, but we have set up an alternative way to pay: e-gold. e-gold should work for most countries in the world; as long as you are able to find someone who puts electronic metal on your account for your local currency you should be able to use it.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards at this time. Due to too much credit card fraud and consequently a high amount of chargebacks our credit card payment provider has suspended our account, and it is highly unlikely that we will be able to do anything about it. Many thanks to all of you, mostly from the US, who "bought" the 12 month total package and charged back when you (or your not-so-amused parents? Hope you received a good spanking!) received the card statement; your immature behavior has not only cost us serious money that would have been better spent for servers but also made life a lot less convenient for many other users.

    Once we have been able to find a credit card payment provider who has effective anti-fraud mechanisms and won't kick us out because of its own deficiency we will provide credit card payment again as well.

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