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YF back on Google Play

We have been able to resolve the issues with Google and YF is again available on Google Play. You ca...


Bitcoin payments available again

We have been able to fix the Bitcoin payment issue, and you should now be able again to pay with Bit...


New login on web page

We have changed the way you log in to the web site -- just in case you are wondering. The old way wa...

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  • Database crash

    We have experienced a database server crash today, and it took us hours to get the database server up and running again. It took us some more hours to sync it all up again. We cannot rule out that some transactions have been lost; please contact us at support@your-freedom.net if your transaction is missing; don't forget to include the payment provider transaction id and your username!

    Our sincere apologies for the trouble -- but believe us, we've had a worse day than you with this issue. :-)

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