User Guide
      Video tutorial
      Working Applications
      Using DNS mode
      Using ECHO mode
      Using PPTP
      Using SOCKS5
      Instant Messaging
      Internet Mail
      Multimedia Apps
      Forex trading
      FTP Tools
      Proxy Helpers
      OpenVPN mode
      Mobile connections
      Connection sharing
      External Information
      Country information
      Payment methods
      Account disabled
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Where do I start?

Up to you. But our recommendation is that you download the User Guide (see below) and read it from cover to cover -- OK, skip whatever you like but don't complain if it doesn't make sense anymore. :-)

The User Guide explains the basic concepts, tells you how to install the Your Freedom client application, how to configure your applications to use Your Freedom, and how to use more sophisticated features. It also contains basic troubleshooting advice.

Once you are done with the User Guide, check out the links of the left hand side of this page. There is a lot of additional documentation and howtos there.

User Guide

Our user guide is available in different formats; please choose what suits you best.Most users will either want to read online (click on the "pure HTML" link) or download a PDF file.

The latest version is 3.0.


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