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Working Applications

Here's a list of applications of which we know for sure that they have been successfully used with Your Freedom.

But just because your application is not on the list doesn't mean that it won't work - it just means we haven't tested them and/or no-one told us.

Internet Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, see config page.
  • Mozilla
  • Opera

Many others do work as well, by either configuring the proxy settings or by using Sockscap.

Instant Messenger(s)/IRC:

  • Yahoo Messenger, see the IM documentation.
  • MSN Messenger, see IM documentation.
    (WebCam feature does not work)
  • ICQ Messenger, see IM documentation.
  • AIM Messenger, see IM documentation.
  • GAIM (A messenger which supports various protocols including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Y!, Jabber, IRC, ...).
    My personal favorite - and it's free open-source!
  • Trillan, another quite popular multi-protocol messenger.

  • MIRC, probably THE Internet Relay Chat client.
    DCC works too!!!!

Again, many others do work as well - at least by using Sockscap to socksify them.

Mail/News Readers

  • Microsoft Outlook Express, via Sockscap or local port forwards.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003 via Sockscap or local portforward.

  • Mozilla Mail, part of the Mozilla browser.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird, standalone Mail client.
  • Opera Mail, part of the opera browser.

Again many more are working but not on the list yet...



  • Lineage II, via SocksCAP
  • Warcraft III, via SocksCAP
  • World of Warcraft, via SocksCAP





  • Kazaa lite


  • Bitspirit, my favorite!
  • BitComet, seems to be very nice! 
  • Azureus (Java client)
  • various other original Bittorrent client, via SocksCap



Apps/Games known to not work

Unfortunately, there are applications that cannot work with YF or any other SOCKS/HTTP/port-forward tunnel solution. This is because they expect to be able to listen on specific ports, some of them on thousands of ports. Needless to say, it is not possible to hand out the same server port twice, and even if we could make it work for exactly one user we cannot make it work for all. Not even for one in case of some of the apps, simply because we cannot spare thousands of ports, they would then not be available for outgoing connections.



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