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Tell us about every bug and annyoance

If there is anything which doesn't work or does work but not quite right ... Let us know!

Post it in the forums, that's sometimes the only way we find out about the problems we don't experience ourselves.

In some cases we may ask you to help us with the troubleshooting, when we can't reproduce the problem ourselves.

Your help and time is very much appreciated!

Submit documentation

I know we are very light on documentation at the moment.

So if you figured out how something works, send us a small document about it - include some screenshots (PNG or JPEG) if it helps the understanding.

We will certainly publish it on the documentation page and give you the credits for it. You might even receive a free account upgrade!

Put up a link/banner to us ...

Have you got some unused advertisement space on your Website - just put a link to us and support our cause.

Mention us in Forums which discuss Proxy/Freedom issues, especially in your local language.

Tell us about it and who knows? you might get a free upgrade!

Keywords and translations ...

In order for people to find us via search engines, we need to have the right keywords on our web pages.

Please submit (especially in your local language) any keywords you would try to search for a service like ours (e.g. bypass firewall), so that we can add them to the summaries.

If you would like to translate the short Your Freedom description on the homepage into your local language and mail it to us... go ahead! If you would like to add another language to the client -- well, tell us about it!

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