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Using mIRC with Your Freedom

Thanks to RomanK for this Documentation.

The first step is, of course, to install YF. After installation, configure YF (if you haven't done it before, use the Wizard for configuration.), and activate it.

Now, download mIRC 6.16, and install it. After installation is complete, run the program. Click on the 'continue' button in the 'About mIRC' that should appear once the program loads. If the 'about mIRC' screen does not appear, click on the 'Tools' menu, and choose 'Options'. Alternatively you can simply press ALT+O.


Now, select the 'Connect' option (should be selected automatically at first), and fill in your details. Now, expand 'Connect', and select Servers. Pick the server you need, and then go to Firewall.

In Firewall, select 'Both' in the Firewall Support option, and 'Socks4' in Protocol.

In Hostname, write 'localhost', and make sure the Port is '1080'.  Don't touch anything else.

Now, go to the 'DCC' option, expand it, and go to Ignore. Add file types to your heart's desire.


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