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HOT: Does using SocksCap to make WoW work with YF violate the ToS?

We have noted that there is an ongoing discussion that the use of SocksCap and other socksifiers that are used to make WoW work with YF may constitute a violation of Blizzard's ToS. While we believe that this is rubbish (from the standpoint that this does not in any way influence the data stream between the WoW game and the WoW server) and not the reason why there have been some accounts disabled recently you might want to avoid the whole discussion and use OpenVPN mode instead of a socksifier. This does not in any way interact with the WoW installation, it merely routes traffic through a virtual wire instead of a physical wire. They can't possibly complain about that, Your Freedom does not intercept, emulate or redirect the traffic in any way. It does not do anything your home DSL or cable router doesn't.

OpenVPN mode is described here.

We believe that there might be a reason for the account suspensions (Blizzard believing that the account credentials have not been safeguarded well enough): that people hopped between servers in entirely different places of the world too quickly. Our advice is to only use servers from one country (Germany, France, the US) and stick with them, or only change the region with a few hours in-between (i.e. after a good night's sleep). Note that this has not been confirmed by Blizzard and is only a wild guess; it could be anything else or even nothing at all. We've got thousands of users playing WoW all day through our system without getting suspended.


World of Warcraft

NOTE: This will only work for 32bit Windows. For 64bit Windows, see below.

Thanks to Fingers_McGraw87 for this documentation.

Here is a complete guide of how to get World of Warcraft working over Your freedom:

1. You only need one other program other than YF and WoW, this is SocksCap, which used to be available for download from Permeo's web site but is no longer since the company was acquired by Blue Coat. Just google for it. The last released version is 2.40. If you can't find it, send us an email and we'll help you out.

2. Make sure YF is set so that the Socks 4/5 port is enabled and set to 1080 (that's the default)

3. Open up SocksCap, click on File and then go to Settings and make sure the

SOCKS Settings tab looks like this:

With the SOCKS Server set to "localhost" and port set to "1080"

4. Now click on the "New" button on the Sockscap main window, then click on

the browse button in the window that comes up.

Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft" (or wherever your WoW folder is stored) and double click on the program called WoW.exe.

The Sockscap main window should now look like this:


5. Make sure YF is connected to a European Server if you're playing WoW in Europe, or to an American server if you are playing in America, as this will reduce lag in the game.

6. Once YF is connected, double click on the WoW icon in the main Sockscap window, or click on the WoW icon and then click on the "Run!" button. World of Warcraft will now run and connect to the WoW server when you log in.

Happy Playing.


WoW on Windows 64bit

SocksCap won't work on 64bit versions of Windows. You need to use other socksifiers (see the proxy helpers page for a list of them), or forget about messing with socksifiers entirely and use OpenVPN mode.

If you want to use a proxifier, try "Proxifier". Instead of the example "PuTTY" shown on our Proxifier page, use "WoW" and add all executable files you find in the WoW installation directory.


Performance tips

Please check out the hints given on the parent page, they are applicable for most games, including WoW. These tips are specific to WoW:

Lag on AMD 2000/3000 CPUs

This has been provided by user Mooncore in the forums:


This solution taken from official blizz forums:

Please go to your World of Warcraft folder, find the WTF directory and then open the file with a text editor such as Wordpad. Then search for the line gxFixLag. If you find it, change it so it reads as the following, or add it if it's missing:

SET gxFixLag "1"

Then save and exit the file, and try the game again. That fixed my lag to av 150 ms stable.


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